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Trail of Painted Ponies

Painted Ponies
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Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines have become a part of America’s Art History. Rod Barker, the Creator of “The Trail of Painted Ponies” is a best selling author and speaker. After he came upon a artistically transformed cow parade, he took the idea back home and created his pony project known as “TheTrail of Painted Ponies”.  As a writer he was passionate about an idea and turned it into a product for many people can enjoy.

Painted Ponies

If you have never seen the vast collection of painted ponies you are missing out on great American Art. Each pony features authentic and original artwork from artists around the world. Each one begins as an original works of art. With four figurines released each year, one per season, the collection has grown tremendously. Every year, certain Trail of Painted Ponies are retired. The nine Exclusive Retired Ponies are still found on the websites “Treasure Vault”.

Creating a Collection

To create a great collection you want to pay attention to the collectibility and increased perceived value of the Painted Pony. Look for handpainted signatures of artists, 1st editions, low edition numbers and retired pieces. Only the Official Autographed Editions are hand signed and hand numbered by the author and come with Official Certificates of Authenticity. Autographed, Retired and Low Edition Painted Ponies appreciate quickly in value.

Round out your collection with the Complete List of Trail Of Painted Ponies Collectibles. There is something for everyone. The Trail of Painted Ponies are available in numerous collections. They differ in materials, size, and designs. From the less expensive to the more priced art pieces, you can start your collection in any price range. From Dolly Parton to Toni Curtis, many celebrities are participating in the effort to raise awareness by creating their own designs and donating the proceeds to their favorite charities.

Painted Pony

More than Art

The Trails of Painted Ponies give back. Supporting non profit animal protection agencies, environmental and healthcare projects, education and the arts, many celebrity edition Painted Ponies and their proceeds benefit the non-profit organization. From Dolly Parton to Toni Curtis, many celebrities are participating in the effort to raise awareness by creating their own designs and donating the proceeds to the charities of their choice.

Become a Painted Pony Artist

Everyone who has that artistic vein is invited to become a Trail of Painted Ponies artist. Many of the painted Ponies feature artworks from people like me and you. Create your own Trail of Painted Pony with the Paint Your Own Pony Kit! You simply choose from standing, walking, running, rearing or regal design Ponies. Download the submission form from the website. Title your submission and tell the story of your Painted Pony or Ponies. Simply fill out the Artist’s Application and send it to The Trail of Painted Ponies. The submission will be confirmed and if chosen as a future Pony Design, you may receive a phone call and an Artist’s Agreement that will outline all of the financial and promotional benefits of being an Official Trail of Painted Ponies Artist! What a wonderful project and oportunity for your children as well.

Painted Pony

More than Ponies

The Trail of Painted Ponies has created a broad range of fine merchandise. If you are looking for a meaningful gift you may want to consider Ornaments, Jewelry, Jeweled Gift Boxes, Clothing, Candles, Art Glass and much more.

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