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Nurse Mare Foals Shocker

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I had never heard about his before and this is just another things of what is wrong with people and the world today. I am absolutely shocked (but should not be) at what people are capable of doing for a profit. This seems to be caused by the need for the Horse Racing Industry to take care of Thoroughbred Foals at the tragic expense for Nurse Mare Foals. The thought of breeding a Mare to disregard her foal for her milk is heartbreaking. Unfortunately there is a never ending supply of horrendous practices and heartless people in the world of horses.

The Last Chance Corral is located in Athens, Ohio. Since 1986, Victoria Goss has devoted her life to saving unwanted and abused horses. From January to June, Goss and her crew spend the majority of their time trying to save nurse mare foals. These foals were born simply so their mothers would produce milk to feed a thoroughbred foal.

The Nurse Mare Shocker

Truly inhuman, poor mares have babies just so they have milk to feed other foals born to enrich thugs. These babies are called Nurse Mares Foals and, since they are of no use to the industry, they’re on death row before they are born!!! This has got to stop and to do that people have to know…Last Chance Corral rescue those poor beautiful little angels.

Visit Last Chance Corral at and find out more about the wonderful work this Organization does.

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