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LED Safety Lighting System For Horses

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LED SAFETY LIGHTING SYSTEM for Horses and Riders on the Roads and Trails adds visibility. The lights are used by mounted patrol units in the US and Canada and can keep your Horse and yourself safe on the road.

Led Lights are a great tool for trail riders. Riding the dark will help a trail riding group stay together. The lights are visible over a great distance. The chances of getting lost or separated from your group is less likely.

This invention was sparked by a tragic accident. Despite living in an equestrian community, wearing reflectors and other safety gear, the inventors horse that her friend was riding, was hit by a car. She turned this tragedy into something positive and invented a device to keep others safe.

Riders and Horses often walk along Roads to get to Trails. Horses are difficult to see for motorists when it’s dark. By the time a driver sees you on the side of the road it may be too late.
Too many accidents happen when visibility is a problem. We have lights on our cars, motorcycles and bicycles, it just makes sense to protect our horses on the road too.

Tail Lights come in a various colors – Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink/Purple,Yellow, and allow the user to choose from various lighting effects including strobe, fade, and flash. Custom lights like Blue – Red – White are also available.

Tail Lights have 3 different lighting levels:

1. Group ride (low) – For comfortable brightness if with a group or other horses but are still bright enough to be seen in most weather conditions.

2. Solo Rider (Medium) – This setting is seen easily for over 1/2 mile!

3. Emergency (Brightest) – A YELLOW strobing pattern signaling SOS and is specifically designed for early detection and localization by rescuers in almost any weather condition.

The lights are attached to a specialized Velcro Wrap, which can be wrapped around a horse’s tail. The wrap is specially designed to be comfortably worn by horses. This lighting system comes at a proud price of

When Riding is Risky…Wear this LED LIGHTING SYSTEM


Watch the LED TAIL LIGHTS in action.

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