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Keep Your Horse From Dropping His Shoulder

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When a horse drops his shoulder he may take you where you don’t want to go. There are some ways to fix this issue. Watch this short video and get some tips on how to work with your horse in correcting a dropping shoulder.

Doug Huls explains how what it means when your trainer tells you to stop your horse from dropping his shoulder. He has an easy explanation for you to envision what it means. He want’s you to think about it this way. When the front end of the horse takes you somewhere you don’t want to go, your horse is dropping the shoulder.

Doug Huls is a Champion Trainer and AQHA Judge, and in this video he explains 2 quick fixes in how to keep your horse from dropping his shoulder.

Just so nobody mistakes this for something else. His horse is a western pleasure horse, breed and trained to move like he does. This horse’s lope is how it should be.

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