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How to Prevent Barn Fires

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Barn Fires are the one most feared events for horse owners and barn owners. They can happen anytime and for many reasons.

While smoking in and around the barn and poor electrical wiring are among the most obvious reasons for Barn Fires, there are many reasons that are not so obvious. Remembering back, most of the Barn Fires I remember happened throughout a thunderstorm, when lightning struck a Barn. A horrific site. Some years ago a barn down the street was completely engulfed in fire and many horses perished. Everything inside a Barn and horse stall is dry and extremely flammable, but there are precautions you can take to minimize the risks.


A barn owners most important concern should be the safety of horses when inside the stalls. It takes just second for a barn to be completely engulfed in fire. Evaluate your barn and check for safety hazards. Electrical wiring that is improperly installed or exposed, smoking, flammable liquids, cow webs, dust and loose hay and straw are some of the more obvious hazards. But then you have the not so obvious hazards such as damp hay, damp sawdust, dust on electrical outlets, anything to close to the barn that could be struck by lightning or chemical stored too close to the barn. Rather than rewriting many of the great articles you can click on the link below to get the best information of fire prevention for your barn.

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