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Equi Soccer – Fun for Rider and Horse

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If you think Polo is the only Equi Sport involving a ball you have probably have never heard of Equi Soccer or Horse Ball. Equi Soccer – fun for Rider and Horse is just like human soccer except the horse is the player. Horses get to kick around a giant Soccerball. The rules for Equi Soccer are encouraging your horse to navigate the ball and score by moving the ball through the designated scoring goal. The ball is moved by the horse only. Any body part of the horse counts but best results come from the horse pushing it with their nose, neck, shoulder, or front legs. Kicking it with their back legs is discouraged as it could cause injuries to other riders and horses. The riders are allowed to kick the ball with their feet as well, but it is much more fun to see Horses moving the ball. Looks like a lot of fun.

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