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DIY Ultra Moisturizing Mane and Coat Conditioner

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Give your Horse a Healthy and Shiny Mane and Coat with our DIY Ultra Moisturizing Mane and Coat Conditioner. Healthy Coat and Hair with a few ingredients.

Commercial Mane and Coat Conditioners for Horses are not only expensive, they are loaded with ingredients that ultimately end up drying out more than conditioning. Why spend good money on products that may not deliver the desired results, when for a penny on the dollar you can get the ingredients and produce your very own hair and coat care products.

When you mix your own ingredient for a product you know what’s in it. Save money and keep your horse healthy with this DIY Ultra Moisturizing Mane and Coat Conditioner. All you need is a few ingredients, a Measuring Cup and a Spray Bottle.

I am a huge fan of Coconut Oil. It is healthy for people and animals and we use it all day long. Coconut Oil is great for baking, cooking, treating skin conditions, for hair and skin and so much more. My family uses Coconut Oil as a moisturizer among other things, and you can do the same for your pets and horses.

Coconut Oil

Here is your shopping list of Ingredients.  Keep in mind that I like to buy organic and bigger quantities wherever I can because our whole family including our pets use this product, but you can get the non organic coconut oil and smaller quantities as well.

Here is a list of my favorite Essential Oils for my Family, Pets and Horses. Only use one Aroma at a time 🙂

Red-Spray-BottleHere is another suggestion. I have gone through many spray bottles over the years and it is very frustrating to have nozzles clogged after a few uses and plastic bottles that soften when left in the barn. I use a Orbital 360 Spray Bottlewhich initially cost a little more, but will outlast any other bottle. Here is another idea I’ve used. Try the Solo 418 1-Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer. I’ve used it in my home and on my pets and it works like a charm.

The measurements below will fill most of the 32 oz. bottle and you can always top of to the max with a little more water.

You and your horse will love this conditioner 🙂


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