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DIY Electrolyte Ice Cube Treats for Horses

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Electrolytes in Ice Cube Form for your Horse. Depending on your climate, you may need to supplement your horse with electrolytes. If you are lucky, your horse will love the supplements you buy, but some horses are not tremendously excited about the flavor or texture or both. We have some suggestions how to make your very own DIY Electrolyte Ice Cube Treats for Horses.

Electrolytes are not cheap and are not always to best solution for supplementing your hot horse. If you are looking for alternatives, we got some suggestions. There are some yummy treats you can make for your horse. They are much tastier and you get two benefits, or three. You supply the electrolytes, you give a tummy treat and you hydrate your horse.

Only the Sky is the limit. Experiment with different tastes, fruits, veggies and way to make those treats.

One of our favorites are the Ice Cube Options. You can simply take a tasty treat such as an apple, cut it up in pieces, place the fruit pieces in an ice cube tray (you may find trays for bigger than standard ice cubes or use cookie or candy forms), add water and freeze.
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ice cube treats

ice cube treats


How about cutting up some of your horses favorite veggies. Cut into pieces and freeze in tray with some added water. Looks and tastes delicious.

ice cube treats


Another option is to mash up veggies or fruit to baby food consistency, fill you trays and freeze. These are some favorite treats your horses will surely enjoy.

ice cube treats


Next, you can try yourself in juicing. Same concept. Fill your juice into trays and freeze. The same can be done with Sports Drinks, Electrolytes or Water with added Sports Drink Mixture (cheaper).

ice cube treats


If you want to get really fancy, you can make some popsicles with any of options from above. This option is great because the treats are bigger. Just don’t use the stick, only the form.

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