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Cut Electricity Bills with Barn Solar Power

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A big concern of Barn Management is Electricity. Bills can add up quickly. One concern is an electrical System is which is faulty, overloaded, improperly installed, or aging. Sometimes the wrong System or Equipment is in the wrong place. Not only can it be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal, but it will suck your money out of your pockets. Whether you have owned your barn for a while, you are looking to purchase an existing structure or you are building from scratch you need to look at your Electrical System. You will be surprised how much you can cut electricity bills with barn solar power.

If you are in the process of building, updating or remodeling a barn or equestrian facility, you may want to look at different options for energy source. Maybe you don’t want to rely on your traditional energy source from your Power Company, at least not completely. It is the most expensive and fluctuates greatly. Several options are available and some have great tax incentives. It depends on which state you are in, adding some solar power to your electric source may not be a bad idea.

Installing a Solar System is not that expensive. Tax incentives and the absence of electricity bill each month will pay many times over for going Solar.


Explore the options outlined in the article “Going Solar; Getting Your Barn of the Grid”, by Audrey Pavia

Being self-reliant when it comes to electricity is something many property owners think wistfully about, but rarely pursue because they think it’s just too expensive and difficult. But in reality, taking your barn “off the grid” is not as challenging as you may think.

Whether your barn has been standing for a 100 years or hasn’t yet been built, using natural energy from the sun to provide lighting, as well as power for water pumps, electrical outlets and other uses, is not only doable, but may make sense from both a financial and environmental standpoint.

Going Solar

The most obvious reason to switch from utility-provided electricity to solar power is cost. Buildings equipped with a solar electric generation system receive electricity generated by the sun, which means no monthly electricity bill for the life of the building. This not only decreases your costs, but also increases the resale value of the facility.

123975548When your solar system is connected to the local power utility—as most are—you receive credit back from the utility company if your system generates more electricity than you use.

“Solar power can meet all your electrical needs,” said Wayne Irwin, president of Pure Solar Energy in Gainesville,Florida. “The system generates and produces, and is fed, in parallel to your breaker panel. It will use solar power first; utility energy acts as a backup. It essentially spins the meter backwards, using what’s necessary during the daylight, then basically crediting it back when having more power that what’s needed. Think of it as stored credit–you’re banking it for night usage.”

If your barn hasn’t yet been built, you have plenty of reasons to go solar.

“The cost of installing solar is less than or equal to connecting the barn to the grid,” said Ron Castle, owner of Sunshine Products, in Winchester, Tennessee.

Solar-powered barns are also more environmentally friendly, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than barns that are powered with utility-provided electricity.

For barns in remote areas where electricity doesn’t reach, solar power can be a better choice than paying a utility to provide the infrastructure necessary to supply power from the grid—if this is even an option. In that case, solar panels would be the main source of electricity, with a generator providing back up power in the event of inclement weather that blocks the sun for a period of days.

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