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Amazing Horse Reunion

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Heartwarming Story of an Amazing Horse Reunion. Even when separated for long periods of time, horses seem to remember old friends. Positive as well as negative experiences may be stored deep inside the long term memory.

Sue Blagburn explains the reasons she had to sell her horse Arthur four years earlier and the reason she later decided to buy him back. As a foal, Arthur bonded with another foal named William, and a year after that Harry, also a foal, joined them a year. William and Harry stayed with her while Arthur was sold. When she decided to buy back Arthur, now an eight and a half year old thoroughbred sports horse, she wondered if Arthur would have any memory at all of the two hairy New Forest pony playmates he once shared his pasture with. Likewise would William and Harry recognise that little thoroughbred guy who was once their best mate?”

When a horse grows up with good and positive experiences, when he is trained properly and taught respect, he will be a trusting and easy to handle partner. To the contrary, a horse that has been mistreated, mishandled, trained improperly or poorly will always remember and not trust. They will display behaviour that potentially can be dangerous. So treat your horses with kindness and respect.

WATCH and be amazed. If this doesn’t warm you heart I don’t know what would.


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