About Us

Horses and Dogs, among many other animals, are our biggest passion in life. They are part of our family. Proper education and information is the path to a great partnership between animals and people.  Reducing animal neglect, abuse and cruelty is our mission.

We currently own two beautiful Warmblood Horses named Nacho (Oldenburg) and Sterx (rescued Russian Circus Horse and blind in one eye).


Our Goal is to provide Horse Enthusiasts with the latest and most accurate Information, Research, Resources, Opinions and Analysis’ about proper Horsemanship, Equine Health, Equine Care,  Products and Training. I spend a lot of time researching for the purpose of gaining knowledge for myself. I am passionate about my animals and I am constantly expanding my knowledge about a variety of topics related. My goal is to not let the knowledge and experiences I acquire go to waste. If I can help someone else with information I acquire or come across, my goal is accomplished. You will also find plenty of links to other great Sites I love.

You will also find information on how to help horses in need and support organization that are concerned with the welfare of horses.